OGDI DataLab

OGDI (Open Government Data Initiative) DataLab is a solution that makes it possible for agencies to publish government and public data more quickly and efficiently. It is an initiative led by Microsoft’s Public Sector Developer Evangelism team. The project involves many non-Microsoft enthusiasts and is mainly supported by open source contributors.

OGDI is written in C# and .NET Framework 4.0. It uses Windows Azure to publish and use public data from government agencies. The project is also free and open source, and can publish data on the Internet in a Web-friendly format with easy-to-use, open API’s. OGDI-based web API’s can be accessed from a variety of client technologies such as Silverlight, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, mapping web sites, etc.

As of May 2012, the platform is in active development and can be downloaded from GitHub. It requires VS 2010 or later. The solution is comprised of many projects, three of which are main:

  • Configuration tool – a web application that allows the definition of the data catalogues;
  • Data Service – a RESTful web service to expose the data;
  • Interactve SDK – a web application to allow users to query the data.

For more details on each one of these items, read the project page on GitHub.