Open Data Installer

The ODI (Open Data Installer) project’s goal to to create an easy installer for all non-technical people to be able to install Open Data applications on Windows Azure. It is also intended to facilitate the automatic configuration of their components so at the end of the process it has the selected project fully functional.

As of May 2012, the project is marked as Beta. The selection of distributions people can choose to install is:

  • Drupal – one of the top CMS available now.
  • DataPublic – a Drupal profile that installs few modules desinged to manipulate and present OpenGov data, aslo described in our article here;
  • OpenTurf – a mapping application that enables citizen interaction with Point-of-Interest data;
  • OpenIntel – a package for governments and private companies to rapidly build open data portals;
  • DataLab – the other name of the OGDI project, which is also covered in our article here.

Needless to say, all these packages are open source.