OGDI Version 6 Released

Posted by on Sep 1, 2013 in OGDI DataLab

For all our OpenData friends there is some good news. The OGDI project keeps expanding and the developers just published a new release of OGDI – version 6. It is still in GitHub and you can get it from the previous repository location here:


It is still completely open and free!

You can see a great implementation in the City of Bordeaux (France). The city worked in close collaboration with teams from Steria and Microsoft to improve the data service and match the specifications of the OData open protocol. The goal was to extend the management of the OData specification by the OGDI DataLab data service, including new keywords and many query options in order to facilitate access and reuse of public data.

So, if you have want to develop a smart-phone app that feeds off great free repositories of municipal information, just choose one of the many installations of OGDI and do it. It can also become a good start of your development business. you just have to try.