About Us

MyOpenCity started out as a conversation about locating wheelchair accessible facilities in Brampton. The conversation then evolved to locating swimming pools, skating rinks, libraries, schools, and other information that many of us often look for but cannot easily find.

Since then, we have realized that there is a plethora of information available (known as Open Data) from all levels of Canadian government, however, there are challenges (both technical and otherwise) to getting this information into the hands of citizens.

Our goal is simple: to ensure that open data reaches every Canadian.


We will reach this goal by:

  1. Providing technical expertise and information to government to aid with the provisioning of data.
  2. Providing resources to developers to use open data such that they can make the data useful to citizens.
  3. Building useful tools with open data.


We are a group of software developers, web designers, and IT security specialists who are simply interested in building our open cities. We encourage you to join the movement and help make your open city.

The founding team is comprised of four tech enthusiasts who believe in open data and who have a total over 100 years of tech experience – we love what we do, because we live what we do.


Our team

Ivan Dragolov – System Architect

Miroslav Jeliaskoff – Senior Developer

Tania Dragolova – Information Security Expert

Addo Smajic – Product Developer


Our contributors

Special thanks to Keith Loo from Make Web Not War, who helps us with the design and usability aspects of our projects.